z-wave-door-sensorProduct: Schlage RS100HC V N N SL Home Door and Window Sensor with Nexia Home Intelligence (Z-Wave)

Cost: $38 from Amazon

Notes: I was afraid this purchase was going to be a little risky to use with my Aeon Labs Z-stick S2 because all the product information is specific to Nexia, but I was able to pair the two without a problem.  Open-Zwave picked it right up and handles the messaging just as expected.  I put the Z-stick into pairing mode by hitting the button and then I pulled the plastic strip separating the battery from the door and window sensor.  The red light on the door and window sensor started to blink rapidly and the Z-stick went to the standard “I am paired” solid blue.  The model name / number is a bit of a mystery to me as I have no idea if the “V N N SL” is important or what it means.  The package came with a white and brown configuration and mounting supplies (extra bracket, screws, and foam tape).  The magnet for the sensor wants to stick to the battery which is located at the base of the case but for accurate results it needs to be closer to the top.  If you open the sensor up you will see a metal wire about the width of a paper clip.  If you put the magnet (the small piece that came with the sensor) anywhere near that, you will be set.

Output: Using my server and debug client application, I took a look at the default raw values that I received from the Schlage Door and Window Sensor.

Routing Binary Sensor

Node Number: 5
Node Name: Undefined
Node Group:
Node Properties:

  • Alarm Type=0
  • Alarm Level=0
  • Minimum Wake-up Interval=3600
  • Maximum Wake-up Interval=604800
  • Default Wake-up Interval=14400
  • Wake-up Interval Step=200
  • Library Version=6
  • Protocol Version=3.40
  • Application Version=2.00
  • Battery Level=100
  • Wake-up Interval=14400
  • Sensor=False

The value in orange switches to

  • Sensor=True

when you separate the sensor and magnet.

Software: I fully expect that the new ‘simple’ client will properly handle this sensor within the next few weeks.  I will update when available.

Overall Review:

Schlage RS100HC Home Door and Window Sensor

November 21, 2013

5/5 stars

Not really much to say about this sensor – it is very simple and does what it is supposed to do. The battery is rated to last for 3 years.

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