Streaming DVD to RaspbmcI purchased the domain with the hope of using it for a public GIT repo or snippets for Raspberry Pi related code.  Life happened and I have not had the time to use it in the last year and it does not look like things will change much in 2014.  I think the domain is easy to remember and it is paid up for another year.  If you want it, I will pay the transfer costs to Namecheap for whoever gets the domain, so you should have at least 2 years registration free to try to do something with it.

If you are interested and you can legally own a domain name and I can legally give you a domain name, send me a message with your plans for the domain or just a message with something funny to @thomasjloughlin or [email protected]<this domain>.com.

If we get more than 5 submission, I will put up the submission for everyone to vote starting January 25, 2014.  If less than 5, I will pick the person and go from there.

Happy Holidays!

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