What is Two Factor Authentication? Simply, there are three factors of authentication, “something the user knows”, “something the user is”, and “something the user has”.   Two factor authentication means that we are going to check at least two of the three authentication factors before letting you in. Specifically, I will be discussing the “knows” […]

Unzipping Password Protected Files on Debian First let me suggest that you should not password protect zip files.  GPG them or pick any other method than having to expose the private key in plain text.  It seems that 99% of the time that you receive a zip file with a password, the sender has included the […]

Working on my RaspberryPiGOSemiPro project, I have seen a lot of comments that Chrome and Firefox will not play streaming MJPEGs from motion / ffmpeg / mjpeg-streamer. The only time I have had the problem is when I was loading it directly (ie http://whatever/mystream.mjpeg). If you create a local html file (or serve a file) […]