UPDATE: Twilio now offers Two-Factor Authentication. Great to see! Today I learned (TIL): When using Twilio to send SMS text messages, messages with urls shortened by goog.gl link shortener will get blocked. In Twilio, it appears that the SMS text message completed successfully; however, the mobile phone never gets the message. Since Twilio does not […]

I decided to go with Stripe.com as my new credit card merchant. With Stripe you can bypass the headache of PCI compliance because the credit card numbers never get posted to your website. Instead they are posted to Stripe via a Javascript call and a ‘token’ is returned that you send with the ‘order’. What […]

Dark night, wind howling blah blah. ¬† Honestly it is not an alarm system, it is a joke mash up to keep people away from my front door. ¬†Works pretty simply and is a great example of how all these hardware devices can communicate easily together. Step 1. Motion is triggered by the Foscam camera. […]