Setup was fairly easy but there were a few sticky spots.  You should have make, build-essentials and whatever else already on your PI.

Downloaded source and source for wxWidgets
Downloaded (pkcs#11 .h files)

export PKCS11_INC=/home/pi/crypto
make WX_ROOT=/home/pi/wx/ wxbuild

When using small 200 mb encrypted file containers, everything seems zippy.

[email protected]:/mnt/bkdrive/Alison# truecrypt -m=nokernelcrypto /mnt/tc
Enter password for /mnt/bkdrive/Alison/
Enter keyfile [none]:
Protect hidden volume (if any)? (y=Yes/n=No) [No]:
[email protected]:/mnt/bkdrive/Alison# cd /mnt/tc
[email protected]:/mnt/tc# ls
[email protected]:/mnt/tc#

I need to come back to this and add better instructions.

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