Power you Pi with one less plugIn shocking news, I picked up an Ideative PP1009W Flipit! Plug-Less USB Charger and it has actually been working great with the Raspberry Pi. I shouldn’t say it is shocking because the specs say the device puts out 5v 1.0 amps which is very Pi friendly.

I tested it with the most power sensitive OS version I had on hand, Raspbmc. Raspbmc performed perfectly without the jitter you will find with insufficient power supplies.

I have been using it with an AppleTV and I have seen no problems with the Pi during AppleTV reboots and usage.

It doesn’t make my favorite Pi Accessories list, but if you need an extra socket it is worth the money.  I bought my Flipit! from Woot for ~$8 plus shipping – it works out to be about the same as Amazon.

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