My wife and I often find ourselves trying to communicate while working in two different offices in the same house. Seems like a simple problem, but some messages are not worth the extra hassle to email, send an instant message or the dash down the hall. Normally, it ends up with someone just screaming to the next office.

When the second RaspberryPi arrived (Farnell delivered it in two days), I decided to try a simple push to talk solution called Mumble. Mumble is used in the gaming world and is similar to other VoIP chat solutions like Vent and TeamSpeak. You can can define the keys you want to trigger ‘push to talk’ or you can type a message similar to instant messenger.

You can also mute yourself or deafen yourself to avoid unwanted messages while on a call. The other party can see your status.

Mumble clients are available for Mac, PC, and iOS. We have tested them all out over the last week and have had no issues with ~5 devices connecting to the Mumble server, called Murmur, running on the Raspberry Pi.

Getting Murmur started was easy. I followed the these directions and had no problem getting it up and running on the Pi Wheezy distro.

One Note – if you are using Mac/iOS make sure you have Avahi Installed.


  1. KC -

    What is the max you tried on one pi?

  2. drwmbt -

    would this work as a way to get a motorcycle intercom solution for more than 2-4 riders. Say you had a motorcycle “parade” of like 24 tightly packed riders, could they all communicate together on the one system, sorta like “better than a bluetooth, but not quite a CB” solution?

    • Thomas -

      Should work – one Pi – everyone else connecting to the pi via iphone or android murmr clients.

  3. rasch -

    Typo in the last link, s/Avanti/Avahi/


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