I read an awesome article featuring Conrad Vassallo discussing the progress of his opensource OpenZwave client and server.  He has published a Raspberry Pi disk image based on Rasbian that allows you to write the file to disk and have everything installed and ready to go! UPDATE: New Image and Instructions I am very excited about the concept […]

Very pleased with this product from Intermatic as well. It comes with three different color face plates but no bezel for around it (hence the creativity). The bottom plug is the z-wave controlled node. The top plug acts as a normal socket would. These plugs do not click as loud as the switches. They paired […]

These switches have been working great for a little over two weeks with both an automatic (open-zwave schedule) and manual configuration. Installation instructions are included. The only problem I had during installation was fitting everything back in the wall box as the switches are bigger than the standard switches they replaced. The switches do make […]