Open-Zwave Raspbian requires a 4gb or larger SD card.  The card contains the latest 2/9/2013 version of Raspbian with the most current updates (as of 2/20).  I did not remove any packages (why it requires 4gb or larger card). The Image Contains: Compiled Open-Zwave Compiled Openzwave Control Panel Both Basic TCP Socket Server and LightsControl Socket Server […]

Unfortunately and fortunately, I have been super busy with work projects but I am excited about some of the personal projects I have been messing with.  Most of this site’s traffic is focused on open-zwave projects and Raspberry Pi Projects, so if you are one of those people and you are interested in anything I […]

For those of you who just want to start playing with the Raspberry Pi and your Z-wave devices, this is pretty much the laziest way.  I took the latest Wheezy Rasbian (2012-10-28) image, grabbed all the updates, put nginx, php, and a couple open-zwave clients and servers into a new downloadable disk image.  The image […]