Setup was fairly easy but there were a few sticky spots.  You should have make, build-essentials and whatever else already on your PI. Downloaded source and source for wxWidgets Downloaded (pkcs#11 .h files) export PKCS11_INC=/home/pi/crypto make WX_ROOT=/home/pi/wx/ wxbuild make WXSTATIC=1 When using small 200 mb encrypted file containers, everything seems zippy. [email protected]:/mnt/bkdrive/Alison# truecrypt -m=nokernelcrypto /mnt/tc […]

I was able to get it to read the usb audio/camera/motor on debian with libfreenect. I ran the example apps and it is blinking, changing color and tilting every once in a while. Today is the first time I have played with a kinect so I am not sure what it is supposed to do […]