I have been working on improving my programming skills.  I have very basic knowledge, and am mostly limited to doing updates on existing websites.  The more I practice though, the better I am getting.

One tool I have found useful in my programming work is the PhpStorm IDE.  PhpStorm is an intelligent editor for PHP, HTML and JavaScript.  The intelligent editor part is important to me because the program performs error prevention and code analysis on the go.  It warns me of potential errors as I make them.  For someone who is still a programming newbie, this is a huge help.  It is not much fun to code something, then upload it only to be hit with the dreaded error screen.  You then have to go back through all your code to determine what went wrong, which can be something as small as a forgotten semi-colon.  PhpStorm helps identify errors immediately so that you can fix them right away.

Another feature I like about it is that you can easily use it to work on code that is stored locally on your computer, or located on a remote server.  I mostly use it to work on projects that are stored on a remote server.  This is handy because I can pull up code that my husband has been working on and help made modifications from my computer.  Sending my changes live is as easy as Committing and Pushing the changes through the IDE.  PhpStorm also keeps a history record, so you can see who last modified a file, and even revert back to a previous code date if needed.

PhpStorm is available through JetBrains and is relatively cheap at $99 for a personal license. Being an internet savvy shopper though, I looked online for a coupon code first and found one here that saved me 20% off the purchase price. I’ve seen in other online forums that people have scored even better deals, but this was the best one I found at the time.

By Alison

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