Open-Zwave Raspbian requires a 4gb or larger SD card.  The card contains the latest 2/9/2013 version of Raspbian with the most current updates (as of 2/20).  I did not remove any packages (why it requires 4gb or larger card).

The Image Contains:

  • Compiled Open-Zwave
  • Compiled Openzwave Control Panel
  • Both Basic TCP Socket Server and LightsControl Socket Server
  • SQLite, PHP5, Curl, nginx, and clients for LightsControl and Basic
  • 1-Wire – owfs library
  • wiringPi Libraries

Username/Password: pi/raspberry

You can start playing with your Aeon Labs Z-Stick by associating your Z-stick with your Z-wave devices, putting it in your Raspberry Pi, logging in and typing “basic” or “lightscontrol”.  Then go to your favorite web browser and type in http://openzwave.local/ or your Pi’s IP address.

LightsControl username/password: Admin/admin (case sensitive)

Full instructions will appear on screen as the Message of the Day when you log in or you can checkout the instructions from the last Open-Zwave install.


openzwave-revision2013-02-20.7z (Requires 7Zip)


Multilevel Switch / Dimmer update for basic Open-Zwave Server
If you are using this image, type webroot, then cd basic, mv index.php indexold.php, then wget -O index.php.  (Make sure the basic zwave server is running by typing killOZW and then basic.  Wait a few minutes and dim your lights (hopefully).


  1. Eric -

    Cool! I will be testing it this weekend. Is there anywhere I can find info on how the 2 socket servers work?

  2. Nechry -

    Happy, I just on zwave world and raspberry pi. Your project will give me my base knowleadge to start my project. I have a lot to learn arround zwave and basic the linux os and php. I come from .net world.

  3. Eric -

    Thanks for the image Thomas, but I can’t seem to make it work correctly… I type lightscontrol, then go to http://openzwave.local, then import the devices and everything works fine. Then i try the “control” section and I can’t seem to be able to control my 2 dimmers… any idea? I’ll try looking at the log files…

    • Thomas -

      I ordered a couple dimmers to test with and I can start playing around with them end of next week. It might be helpful to reach out to to get some input. Keeping with the latest version of openzwave has been a little bit of a challenge as several of the latest releases broke functionality in Conrad’s LightsControl and my basic socket server. Sorry I don’t have a better answer for you at this time.

  4. Thomas -

    Z-wave dimmer switch going in this weekend – sorry for the delay.

  5. Thomas -

    Quick hack to make the dimmer switch work on the basic server – type webroot, then cd basic and replace the index file with

    You should be able to put a value between 0-99 into the status field and click the image to submit. This ‘hack’ was a basic test to get them working.

  6. nachete -

    Would it be possible to run your distro in the cubieboard? I´m searching for a starting point to try aeon stick with my cubieboard, tried your distro but no image in the screen. I´m afraid images aren´t compatible….

  7. Jordan Sempre -

    Thanks so much for sharing this info with the world Thomas. I just wanted to tell you that I purchased the pi and an Aeon Labs zwave usb stick a few months ago, compiled openzwave, but was having trouble figuring out how to integrate this with a socket server for web access. Your posts not only gave me working examples, but worked so well I just ‘cheated’ and installed your image. You really made this platform accessible for me.

  8. Ryan -

    Hi Thomas,

    I’m a bit late to the party but also wanted to thank you for your efforts, I am happily using a Tricklestar USB Z-Wave device connected to Raspberry Pi to control my Z-Wave dimmers, all a piece of cake thanks to you. I do have a couple of questions if you’d be willing?

    1 – Did you develop the dimmer functionality/UI any further? Currently I just hit the URL manually with a 0-99 value.

    2 – I notice you included 1wire OWFS in the image. Have you incorporated that into your control system at all?

    3 – Leading on from #2, I use 1wire and other protocols too. Is the current UI flexible/extendible enough to get these other protocols working too? If not perhaps you know of some alternatives?

    Congrats again, cheers.

  9. Andrew Pawelski -

    Hi Thomas Ive tried downloading your image twice and each time it reports it as corrupted?

    • Alison -

      Sorry to hear you are having issues – we are currently working on another newer image that we are releasing tonight. In the meantime, can you send me the exact url you are downloading from and when you get the corrupted message (when you go to burn/unzip/etc)? Are you using 7zip?


  10. Sergio Cesar -

    You say “releasing tonight” as of Nov 9 2013 . Did it happened? do you have a link to it? I am pulling my hair out to find a new image that I can try to make it work on my rasp. I have the Aeon Labs Z-Stick-lite but with this one I can only add devices via the software and I can not find one that will do that and runs on the PI so I am stuck. I have also try to use but is even older then yours as it does not even boot in my new PI. 🙁


    • Thomas -

      The latest is on this page: The normal client is in the localhost/Client directory. I do not have any experience with the Z-stick lite, my guess would be to download: to your Raspberry Pi. Extract it and start with with ./ozwcpPI -p 55555. Then go to you http://yourpi.local:55555/ and put in /dev/ttyUSB0 for device. Then try adding your Z-wave devices – if that works, then Conrad or my client should work.

      • Sergio Cesar -

        Many thanks.
        I have done downloading the image and installed on the card, all started ok, set the time and local. Downloaded the ozwcpPI from the link above and after a few minutes it:
        2013-11-24 15:34:57.917 Notification: Essential Node 1 Queries Complete
        Segmentation fault
        I downloaded the svn recompiled and the same thing.
        the web control page will partially show the list of my devices previously added using a windows box.
        I ran the “test Program from the open-zwave I downloaded and that seems to run on its own for a couple of hours OK.
        Any more ideas where to go from here?

        • Ryan -

          Hi Sergio,

          I too have a stick that can only be paired to devices in software, I used a windows program called HomeSeer to do it (trial version available for download here Failing that, I was able to start the Open Z Wave Control Panel and interrogate the USB device as Thomas suggested, all from the image already provided on this page – I haven’t tried pairing a device using the control panel but its worth a shot. Good luck.

  11. Mike -

    Looks like it has been a while since any activity on this posting, but I am new to the scene and am stuck on a small problem.I downloaded and installed the image with no problems, ran the ./ozwcpPI -p 55555, went to the 55555 port on the webbrowser, put in my port info for the Aeon stick, initialized and my devices appeared in the list, but without the names. When I look through the logs, I see a message that the ./config/manufacturer specific .xml file did not load. Am I missing something ? Thanks for the help.


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