I have to admit I was shocked by the results of this contest.  I thought they would do so much better.  Even 15,000 is a lot more retweets than I can get in a week, this company has 107,014 followers (5-10k more than when they started the contest).  They allowed followers to post 6 times a day for at least 5 days.  Assuming no one cheated by posting too frequently or posting from more than one account, they could have reached their original goal of 30,000 tweets which was cut in half mid contest (someone didn’t redirect the url) with just 1% of their followers going all out.  Now I know it is unrealistic that everyone would have a scheduler handling their tweets so they would get the maximum number of entries, but I also know it is unrealistic to believe that people from the internet would not game a free voting system.

I have several domains at Namecheap and it was actually their social media department that brought me in during the “I hate GoDaddy” period on Reddit.  They were genius during the SOPA fight.  Everywhere I looked they had a friendly voice helping me move my business from GoDaddy to Nameheap.  It was so easy and it was a nice two way conversation of what they could offer me and my fellow Redditors.  We shared the same opinions, thoughts, and cute pictures of cats.  In the end I was peer-pressured by social media to make the switch.  I wanted domain karma too.

So why now will I not whore out my twitter account to save $9 for a company I love (or at least strongly like)?

1. “Activate deals” always make me feel slimy.  There is no guarantee that I will get the discount after I endorse and push their message.  There is always that awkward, what if we don’t reach the goal moment where you feel violated.

2. Speaking of “push their message” – why does everyone have to retweet the same message.  This contest is not like the trivia contest where you see a variety of responses, this was ctrl-c; ctrl-v 15,000 times.  How many times can I see the same message before I get annoyed?  About 5-10.  Doesn’t Twitter get annoyed? Yes.

3. It is not fun.  It is not innovative.  Quiz me, poll me, let me give you my favorite number, do something other than clogging up the inter web with the same copy/paste.

After typing all this, I have to still admit that the contest was a success.  They got their tweets, followers, backlinks, likes, shares and blog posts.  Hopefully they got new customers too.  I like Namecheap, just expected more.

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