Raspberry PI gone missing

Everyone Loves Freedom

Pi EagleMr. Pi has been captured and imprisoned.  He was last seen wearing Raspbian and a 512MB hip jacket.  The only way for him to survive is by someone entering in his serial number, found by typing ‘cat /etc/proc, in at the local Pi Embassy.

We have smuggled in a few lines of code on a dusty and bitter Arduino that allows Mr. Pi to send “tweets”.  Mr. P will tweet us any information he can @FreeMrPi.  We are helping him triangulate his current IP address so we can get him out of that terrible place.

The first person to correctly identify his serial number to the embassy will get to have Mr. Pi live with them in their home forever.


Let’s get Mr. Pi to a safe home.


A Model B Raspberry Pi.  (We will actually send you a new one). Or if you already have a Pi, we will make a donation to the Raspberry Pi Foundation.


The Raspberry Pi is a cool tool with lots of uses but it has the potential to expose new users to vulnerabilities if not properly secured. We are hoping for an educational experience on how to secure all devices and some fun too. The goal is not to teach DDOS attacks as the Pi would be an easy target to overwhelm.


Follow @FreeMrPi on twitter to get the latest information on how to penetrate the enemy camp.

Attack Surface:

The Pi is running the default install of Raspbian with a few extra surprises added by the mean captors.

The Raspberry Pi’s is housed in a secure datacenter.  Please do not try to gain physical access.  They will distroy Mr. Pi.

We want this to be educational – not impossible or a cake-walk.  Please contact us if you have any suggestions.

Some Inspiration Before the Rules:

Fighting off Bad Guys


  1. There are no rules. Just kidding, always rules.  Users must be 18 years or older (or have written permission from a parent or guardian prior to entering).
  2. Participant must be eligible to win this contest and receive a prize in their country (know your laws).
  3. Do not break any laws when attacking this sweet Pi.  For example, do not turn your neighbor’s computer into a Pi cracking bot.  This action will result in a forfeit and unfortunately we will have to comply with any law enforcement officers.
  4. Winner’s shipping costs cannot exceed 15 US Dollars.  Unfortunately, we can also not ship where the United States does not allow shipping.  If legally able, we would still encourage you to play and donate your winning elsewhere .
  5. If there is a tax for winning a $50 item in your country, again you are responsible for paying (sorry).
  6. If you have physical access to the Pi’s being hacked (e.g. datacenter employee), you are ineligible to win.
  7. has the right to republish how you attacked and hardened the Pi.  Full credit will be given to the author.

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