Intermatic HA05 Z-wavescrew-in moduleCost: $25.00 (Amazon) I paid $35.98 for two.

Notes: I should mention that my experience might be a little different than others’ because I think I received a discount for an older version of the Intermatic HA05 Z-wave module.  My devices are branded as “HomeSettings” but the package contained new stickers to cover over the old branding information with the new “Intermatic” name and web address.  The product page I ordered from on Amazon now shows up as a 404 page.  The items look identical and have the same HA05 model number.

I love LampI was a little disappointed that the module adds so much height to your light bulb.  It was too tall for most of the indoor lamps I tried.  I could buy smaller specialty bulbs to make it fit, but that defeats the purpose.  For single bulb lamp applications, why not just buy my favorite multipurpose Z-wave module or the indoor only version and put the control on the plug side?  I could see the advantage if you had a dual bulb spotlight and you wanted to control each separately but the cost would add up fast for any other application.  They do not recommend using these in ‘can’ or enclosed type lights.

I paired the device with my Aeon Labs Z-stick S2 using normal association/pairing method.

Output: Using my server and debug client application, I took a look at the raw values that I received from the Intermatic HA05 Screw-in module.

Binary Switch

Node Number: 8
Node Name: Lamp
Node Group:
Node Properties:

  • Switch=False
  • Switch All=On and Off Enabled
  • Library Version=4
  • Protocol Version=1.28
  • Application Version=3.00

The Switch value switches to True when the light is on.

Overall Review:

HomeSettings / Intermatic HA05 Screw-in Lamp Module

November 24, 2013

3/5 stars

I didn’t really get the point. Yes, it works but in very limited places. It is for indoor and outdoor use, but the rubber gasket (which I assume is for water proofing) was always pushed out of the way by a normal or CFL lightbulb.

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