SugarCRM Community Edition has worked well over the last several years, however whenever you go to upgrade it there is always an issue.

Issue 1: Cannot Load DB Manager

After running all the checks and starting the update from the wizard, all you get on every page is “Cannot Load DB Manager” with no other messages in the log.  After playing around some, I change my configuration which specified “mysqli” to “mysql” and magically it worked.

Issue 2: Upgrade Wizard Appears to Freeze at the “Upgrade Summary in Progress” Dialog

First things first – make sure your php.ini is setup with the right amount of memory, execution time, and file / post size.  The best thing to do is watch what is actually happening by typing in “tail -f upgradeWizard.log”.  I noticed my install was hanging when trying to add a index to the campaign log table.  I manually did it and ran the upgrade again to get it to go through.

Issue 3: Upload stream is blocked by Suhosin, please add “upload” to suhosin.executor.include.whitelist (See sugarcrm.log for more information)

My sugarcrm.log was completely empty; awesome – but the problem didn’t look too bad.  I headed to the suhosin.ini file at /etc/php5/apache2/conf.d/ and added “suhosin.executor.include.whitelist = upload://” to the bottom of the file.  I am running Debian Squeeze.  Then a quick “service apache2 restart” and I was good to go.

So I am up to date for now… looking forward to the glitches that are bound to be exposed tomorrow.


  1. Franz Klein -

    I have the issue 1 problem. However I don’t know what my configuration file is and where it is located. I did a search for config.php and found many. i do not know which is THE configuration file.


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