I cannot wait until Thanksgiving to put up my outdoor Christmas lights. I don’t care if it breaks tradition. Raspberry Pi controlled automated Christmas lights are going up this week. Winter freaking wonderland! How to Automate your Christmas Lights with Open-Zwave: I created a basic Z-wave zoned system so I can set and forget the […]

My Attempt at a Setup Tutorial, Review and Rant All-in-One I finally decided it was time to try the “Z-Wave Razberry-Pi GPIO Daughter Card”. I have been extremely pleased with the Aeon Labs Z-Stick so it was hard for me to fork out the almost $80 for this miniature card. The final decision was made after […]

Open-Zwave Raspbian requires a 4gb or larger SD card.  The card contains the latest 2/9/2013 version of Raspbian with the most current updates (as of 2/20).  I did not remove any packages (why it requires 4gb or larger card). The Image Contains: Compiled Open-Zwave Compiled Openzwave Control Panel Both Basic TCP Socket Server and LightsControl Socket Server […]