For those of you who just want to start playing with the Raspberry Pi and your Z-wave devices, this is pretty much the laziest way.  I took the latest Wheezy Rasbian (2012-10-28) image, grabbed all the updates, put nginx, php, and a couple open-zwave clients and servers into a new downloadable disk image.  The image […]

I read an awesome article featuring Conrad Vassallo discussing the progress of his opensource OpenZwave client and server.  He has published a Raspberry Pi disk image based on Rasbian that allows you to write the file to disk and have everything installed and ready to go! UPDATE: New Image and Instructions I am very excited about the concept […]

After adding the Raspberry Pi Openzwave controlled lights, the Raspberry GPIO controlled garage door opener, and the EtherRain Sprinkler controller, I only had one more project on my home automation check list. It was time to add a remote controlled HVAC thermostat.  I had reviewed many options over the last few months and ultimately I […]