Shit is getting serious. I know I am responsible for this too. But at some point you have to recognize a mistake. At first it was cool, one or two places to share with friends but do you really think having 400 places to share is helping your site (cough add-to-any). Why does every single ‘share a site’ want to track your analytics and slow your page down to a crawl? What is their goal, steal all your traffic because people leave your pages or hijack the popular pages that they have had your followers ranked for free?

Unless you have an active site, it does not help you. It reminds be of back in the day when people had counters visible on their webpage (Think GEOCITIES). I would always look at them ane get sad because I was only user 47 and they didn’t distinguish between visitors and uniques.

If your content is cool (mine normally isn’t), people will take the extra 5 minutes to copy and paste your url in to their Twitter or Facebook (btw the share is so much nicer than the like!).

Sorry for the rant, I was just browsing Reddit for a while and too many pages took over two seconds to load because their social plugins are too heavy.

Now that I am done complaining, here is an article on how you can try to speed them up: Social Buttons Slowing You Down? Speed Load Times In Genesis.

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