Are you named Thomas or do you know anyone named Thomas?

If so, I have the deal for you!

About two years ago, I saw an amazing deal on silicon/rubber/whatever wrist bans.  Since I had no specific cause or agenda and no plan for any specific cause, I decided “hey, why not order them with Thomas on them.”  I passed them out to my friends and was able to convince a few to even wear them and make up their own story if anyone asked.

But even after all my pushing, I still have about 200 of these bands.  I have tried to find other uses for them.  I have one on my bike working as a washer for the GoPro mount.  I used a couple of them to hold a Raspberry Pi to the back of a monitor.  I even gave one to a waiter as part of their tip.  But there is no way I will get rid of all of these soon.

So it is time that I give these beauties away and get them off my shelf.  I will mail anyone who wants a few free of charge, no strings attached, and no whoring out your social media accounts for it.  They also make great gifts for anyone – ex-wives or ex-girlfriends of people name Thomas love to get these.

The only condition is the shipping cannot be ridiculous and you must be legally able to receive it.

Anyone named Pete?  You are in luck too!

Like everything else, you get what you pay for in wrist bands.  For some reason, several in the bag say “Thanks to Pete”.  Let me know if you want one of those.

If you are interested email me at Thomas at this domain name and the joy of a blue rubber strap will be coming your way.  I will post an update if I ever run out.

Free Wrist Band

Free as in Wrist Band

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