I am new to the Mac world. As a secondary computer and for programing in Xcode, I use a MBP Late Edition 2011 with i7 processor and originally 4 gbs of RAM.

I am a big VirtualBox user and wanted to see if I could up the performance some with a simple memory upgrade but I have always been of the mindset that Apples, especially MBP laptops are annoying to upgrade.

I was wrong. I jumped on Amazon and grabbed this Crucial 8gb memory kit and had it installed within 5 minutes of the memory arriving. Hands down the easiest memory upgrade process from start to finish.

Let me explain why – I know many people are thinking how can it be easier than the little sliding door on the back of their laptop.

Apple UI made the process super easy to do on your own (wow, sound like a fanboy). You don’t have to hope you are using the right memory for your computer or try to figure out if you have an empty slot – the software just tells you and links you to specs and detailed install instructions under the “About this Mac” > “More Info” > “Memory”.MBP display current RAM in slots available

Yeah, can most IT people figure this info out on their own – of course. But isn’t this stupid simple?

When you open the back of your Mac to put the memory in, the RAM slots are easy to access despite being double stacked. The back panel screws are different sizes, so make sure you keep track of which screw goes in which hole.Opened MBP showing the RAM slots

So far, I have not really noticed any difference during normal operation but the 4 gb upgrade has made a substantial difference running Windows 7 in VirtualBox.

9/10. Would upgrade again.

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