Remove integration of Skype from OutlookWhile I am a big fan of Skype, I hate downloading updates to Skype.  They sneak in more crap with each new version.  Who wants a Skype toolbar? Now with version 6.1 and 6.2 Skype automatically integrates itself with Outlook 2010 or 2013.  Upon reopening Outlook, you have a presence indicator to the left of each email address (some people have this already with Microsoft Lync).  It might be great for some people but the little grey boxes annoy me and it annoys me further that there isn’t a quick way to remove the integration from Outlook.  (Please correct me if I am wrong).

My first attempt at removal after cruising through the Skype menus was to delete the newly added registry key at \HKEY_CURRENT_USERS\Software\IM Providers\DefaultIMApp (Skype sets the value to ‘Skype’ and also adds some sub keys).  I restarted Outlook and it was gone. Woohoo – until I restarted Skype and Outlook.  Skype decided to reinstall itself as the default IM app and insert the annoying grey boxes again.

Still determined not to have the status / presence indicator showing in Outlook, I had to find something else to set the DefaultIMApp value to… I picked ‘NotSkype’ and I have been happy since.DefaultIMApp Registry Key Setting


  1. Proglin -

    If you figure out how to complete remove please share again 🙂

  2. Bernd Ruecker -

    Thanks for sharing – worked pretty well (and I find the boxes annoying as well)

  3. Clinton -

    Great this worked. Thanks for posting.

  4. Joshua Goldberg -

    This did not fix it for me. Whenever I have Skype running, it takes over all dialing functions in outlook. I’m beyond frustrated.

  5. VM -

    Thanks! This worked a treat. I was missing my office communicator integration with Outlook since Skype had taken over those presence icons. I set the DefaultIMApp value to Communicator, restarted Outlook, and it’s all hunky dory again!

  6. Sander -

    it works great, thank you very much ! This was really annoying as you could not see the email address of the contact anymore. Great tip !!!

  7. Arijit Gupte -

    Great tip. Was annoyed with the skype integration with Outlook 2010.

  8. Tallion -

    Forced up to the latest version of skype yesterday… just another annoyance… thanks for posting the tip!

  9. kmonsoor -

    thanks a lot !

  10. mrstevieg -

    AWESOME thank you was so pissed just set Skype to talk to the kid away at college and was like WTF is this. That is just sneaky and wrong on their part and they should get hung out to dry on this. Big Props man.

  11. Saamia -

    Hi I am new to this and pretty bad with softwares etc. can u plz tell me how i can delete skype from outlook..meaning how do i get to the registey editor?

  12. Saamia -

    I have found the registry editor and also the skype IM provider but it shows msn messenger too but I did put not skype as default but it is still showing on the outlook. where am i going wrong/?

  13. Gregory -

    Tom, thanks for this tip it seems to work for me. Thanks!

  14. Zvika -

    Workd for me!

  15. Robert -

    if you want to remove those boxes (grey or green, depending on whether you have singed into Skype), you can do the following:
    1. In Outlook Mail, click on File->Options
    2. On the left hand pane, select “Contacts”.
    3. Remove the tick mark in the check box “Display online status next to name”.

    • Brian Gilbert -

      Thanks Robert….this worked for me. Windows 7 64-bit, Outlook 2010, Skype 6.14. -Brian

  16. Kim Rasmussen -

    THANKS! it has been bugging me for a while..

  17. Ricky -

    Awesome man…..this has been bugging me few days

  18. Mark -

    If you go to File | Options | Add-Ins, then click the GO button at the bottom right pane this will allow you to uncheck the box for Outlook Social Calendar Connector.. This won’t take away Skype as your default IM, but it will do the rest.

  19. Anu -

    Thank you so much. I have been checking everywhere for a solution to the presence status not being displayed in outlook. Your solution fixed it 🙂

  20. Vishu Varanasi -

    worked like a wonder. i spend close to 15 hours doing all kinds of troubleshooting. this finally fixed it

  21. Tony -

    Many thanks for that valuable fix. Been bugging me for some time now. All other suggestions didn’t work. I use the Outlook dialer a lot, so most appreciated.

  22. E T -

    Awesome, it started to really annoy me. Thanks for the tip.

  23. Prakash -

    Worked Great.. looking for this solution.. for many days.. Our company IT also could not figure out.. thankx

  24. Arthur -

    Not that there doesn’t seem to have been plenty of gratitude posted above, but I have to express mine too. This has been more helpful than everything related that I could find on Skype and Outlook forums over a week.

  25. ZuP -

    Awsome work men! You helped a lot!

  26. Roelant -

    Sounds like a hefty workaround… It’s also just possible to turn it off in Outlook’s settings. Go to the File-tab, click Options. In the options-windows, select Contacts on the left. To disable the nasty buggers, uncheck “Display online status next to name”.


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