Mr. Pi Liberation Contest

Mr. Pi is free and now living in his new happy home in Croatia.  Overall, I will have to call the contest a successful failure.  I expected that the OS would have exploitable characteristics out of the box due to the ease of setup.  Raspbian proved to be a rock (hats off) and proved that I should have done more research. I promise a better contest in the future.

The most interesting discovery was that the Pi’s lack of normal processing power turned out to be a factor in preventing attacks.  It had started authenticating so slowly that a valid credential didn’t always work on the first go.  (This happened in the case of our winner .)

How he won – brute force against ssh with the restricted dictionary that was up on Twitter.  The password was ‘youwin’.

If you have any ideas for the future, let me know.

Water Collection Barrels

I am not sure when I will receive my award for water conservationist of the year, but I am a rain water collecting fool.  I had no idea how little rain it took to fill a 55 gallon drum when you are using your roof as a collection surface.  This project was started as an excuse to play with relays and fluid meters with Arduino, but now I will have the greenest grass in the hood.  Next up, how do we capture the power of the water without costing a fortune.  In all seriousness, if you are at all interested in this type of project, it is worth trying.

Nunya is Cancer Free!

Today we received the word that Nunya’s nasal tumor is now missing from her snout.  While we can never be 100% certain that the cancer is gone, the CT scan looked great.  Alison and I our both extremely thrilled and thankful to all the people at Texas A&M.

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