Many people who live in my general area are forced to use Consolidated Communications for landline phone service. I believe it was also TXU Communications and Lufkin/Conroe Exchange for a period of time. While we did not have many service issues, the pricing is ridiculously non-competitive for business service.

So why not cut the cord and hit an online solution or a cell phone? Because we have used the same number for the last 10 years and we don’t want to inconvenience our customers… or at least this was the rational for holding on to it until last week. After many attempts, we were finally able to port the number to a different service. The service that got the job done for us is Twilio. I am not sure if it was just amazing timing and the iron wall preventing number porting from Consolidated fell or if Twilio has some magic secret (we had tried google voice/magic jack/vonage/skype/sprint). I will probably be too lazy to find out.

As an aside – We have used Twilio for a little while for our wakeup call site and rentals and have been super pleased with their API and OpenVBX app.


  1. Cathy -

    Thanks for the info! Now if we can just dump Comcast.


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