Update – Linode is now has Debian 7 images

Update – now Linode is getting a little Oprahish… They have doubled everyone’s RAM.  And you get more RAM… And you get more RAM… And you get more RAM!

The other night when I requested an extra ip for a Linode, I took 2 minutes to reflect on previous hosting providers I have had who never required a reason for an extra ip. My thought was quickly interrupted by Linode’s cheerful reply to my request. The competent staff member upped the allotted number of ip addresses associated with the correct server in only one email and even worked in an exclamation point to communicate his level of excitement in helping me. In my experience over the last year and creation/destruction of Linodes and nodebalancer, it is always this way. I know the joy can’t last forever; but, as bro tip # 1584 says ‘you shouldn’t have to brag about anything, bro if what you did was legit, other people will brag for you’. They are doing something legit now, so I feel the need to brag for them.  Sit down, take a deep breath and prepare for the legit coming below.

Real businesses cannot run on the overly shared garbage provided by so many hosting providers. Sites on the web have to be reliable and fast – a user won’t wait two seconds. If you don’t believe that statement, take a quick trip to google and search for ‘amazon conversion rate difference of 100ms‘. As a developer, you have to educate your clients on the true meaning of ‘unlimited bandwidth’ and ‘1.99’ hosting. Unfortunately, I have repeated the mistake of letting them pick the hosting environment. As the developer, you will quickly eat up any of their savings with extra work hours so something simple like a small database will run on the cheap server’s overly shared MySQL server.

Rant over, back to the legit. Linode is not the cheapest out there but I think is always been one of the best values. Not only do you get an easy to use service, friendly real people, and the speed you pay for, they usually do at least one upgrade of some component of your package like RAM, disk space, transfer or CPUs for free for all clients. With all the hosting I have had in the last 10 years, this company has been the only company to constantly do so. This year Christmas has come early. All of their plans are getting free CPU upgrades which equates to double the processing power. This news comes after a recent MAJOR bandwidth upgrade. Oh and the 20% more free disk space about 3 months ago.

Here is a Linode link with my referral code (everyone that has an account gets a referral code).  You can now check them out without giving out your credit card (more like Amazon style).

For those who want to hear more complaining: One of the final straws that moved me off Godaddy’s dedicated servers was their policy on upgrades (this was long before the SOPA deal – might be different now). They had recently upgraded their hardware offerings and offered a lower price than what I was paying for older hardware. I understood that what I had was an actual physical machine and that hardware updates might not be available, so I asked them to match the price and I would be happy to rent out the old hardware without upgrades. This hardware was no longer even being offered to customers and I would occupy it for several more months until I had more time to migrate to a new host. Nope. They told me I could keep the box forever but it would be at the price from 2 years previous.

One more: CI-host – about 8 years ago now. Paid for RAID 1 for over a year, hard drive fails, oops, no second hard drive mirroring the data as promised. I beg to buy the disk from the company to try to get any data possible. Takes two days to say ‘no’ and to rebuild a new server (fun story there – new server didn’t have the two drives I was paying for either). I cannot say that it wasn’t a great learning experience and that most of the problem was ultimately my fault.  CI-host is another amazing google.

GEEK TIP #0: Never have your domain, hosting and DNS at the same company.  This setup gives you zero options in an emergency.  My personal favorite right now is Cloudflare for DNS, Name Cheap or Register.com (as long as they keep selling .com domains for $.50), and Linode for hosting.

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