So I am a still on a high from destroying 10 six year olds at laser tag at Incredible Pizza last weekend. The one problem is, I know my enemy is going to grow and I need to be better prepared for the next game.

Looking into the guns, they look like a mixture of IR and RF signals that make up a signature for each player. Some have a fancy laser on the pack for decoration but it is really just smoke and mirrors so you feel like you are doing something when you hit the trigger.

I want to learn more about this technology and hit it from two fronts:
1. SHIELDS UP – what effect does an IR filter have on my opponent’s gun?
2. The more shots fired down range the more hits I will get and the more I will deter the enemy (6 year old) from coming my way and trying to attack my base. I dream of a gadget, that I train, firing at it once, that can then duplicate my shot in a 180 degree direction.

I know you are reading this and thinking what is wrong with this person, but in the heat of a laser tag battle you would be all over my multi-shot grenade.

I filed this in the Dream category because I will probably never have time to take the idea any further, but if you have any interests or resources please leave a comment and help create a future where 6 year olds learn to respect their elders.

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