As many of you know, I am a big fan of Reddit.  I think it is a great place to find stuff you know, stuff you don’t know and stuff you think you know but you don’t know.  Here are a couple of links that I would like to eventually revisit from last night’s late night Reddit session:

Linux Tricks everyone must know and use – lots of good suggestions, I hope he will continue to add to the list.  (Speaking of I never finished my bash notes.  opps…)

20 Rules of Software Consulting – Some of these are more like guidelines than rules but the guy Josh Berkus has a lot of experience.  One thing that I would add, which sounds depressing, clients will never be yours forever.  The relationship is progressing towards termination from the first handshake.  Use your time wisely and care for the clients and relationships that matter to you and are rewarding.

Password Cracking on Amazon EC2 – College kid, who gets extra credit for cracking a crypt() hash.  The guy was doing about 2310.9 million MD5 hashes per second.  He needs money or hardware to keep going.  He gives a good how-to on the subject.

Working hard to finish up my latest projects and get back on the Raspberry Pi bandwagon.  I have had great success with Cacti and Nagios monitor tools if anyone is interested.

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