It has been a while since I’ve posted.  Various work projects have kept my free time to a minimum, but I am excited to be starting new projects, learning more coding, and improving my Mac skills.  One thing I wanted to blog about is a bit off topic – my diet.

My husband and I both spend a lot of time working on the computer.  This is obviously not physically taxing work.  Working largely from home also meant easy access to grabbing sodas and candy as afternoon pick me ups.  So, as tends to happen, the pounds slowly started to creep up.  We made half-hearted attempts to eat healthier and cut back on food, but old habits would come back soon enough.  Now this didn’t bother us too much when we were just working on our computers at home with no one to judge us but the dog, but we were increasingly self conscious about our appearances and were not pleased with how we looked in pictures.  It was time for a change.

My husband gets the credit for finding the Keto diet.  He read up on it and thought it sounded like a doable plan.  Keto, in a quick summary, is a low-carb diet.  You try to restrict your carb intake to less than 20 carbs per day (some people suggest a higher carb limit per day, but we stuck with 20).  That is the only diet criteria.  There is no limit on how much you eat or how many calories you can consume.  This was great for us because a diet where you starve and are always hungry is no fun and is difficult to stay with.

The trickiest part was figuring out which foods are low-carb.  Some foods you think would be safe, such as carrots, corn, and fruits, are too high in carbs so are not feasible options.  Sugary foods and breads/grains were completely out.  But, the good side is there are a lot of good low-carb options.  Meats are a great example.  You can eat tons of beef, chicken and fish.  Bacon is a favorite option.  Most cheeses are good too.  Eggs are great as well.  Nuts in moderation are fine too.  There are several vegetables that are fine, including broccoli, spinach and asparagus.  Once we got the hang of what foods were low-carb, it was easy to find menus to fit our diet.

With Keto you quickly lose about 7-8 pounds.  This is due to a drop in water weight, though it is still nice to quickly see a weight loss.  There were some mild side effects due to the change, mostly tiredness and headaches.  These went away after a few days.  Drinking tea or diet soda seemed to help with the headaches.  We would eat as much as we wanted at first, not worrying about calories – just sticking to the low-carb rule.  The pounds surprisingly continued to come off.

It has been about eight months since we started the diet, and we are still able to maintain it. I have lost about 25 pounds myself, and my husband has done fantastic as well.  I tend to lose weight in stages.  I might go a week or more with no results, then will lose three or four pounds all of a sudden.  No idea why it works this way for me but it does.  I like that this diet is sustainable, and keeps my weight in check.  I should also mentioned we took up riding bikes too, so our activity level increased significantly from what it was.

Anyway, I thought this diet blog might be fitting for other heavy computer users that find themselves needing to lose weight.  What techy person wouldn’t love a diet that encourages bacon?

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