I just couldn’t wait to upgrade my iPad while I was traveling for some reason.  I honestly had not done much research into what was coming.  I thought I would enjoy the surprise.  I knew that doing the Apple iPad update on the road would end in at least a couple of frustrating moments.  First frustration was the ‘download’ naturally – I was fighting everyone else in the hotel to get the 700mb download.  It ended up being an ‘overnighter’.  While I am ridiculously impatient for anything (working on this problem), it did give me the ability to wake up and feel like a child on Christmas.

Frustration 1 over.  Download and installed!

Only negative – it was time to leave.  No worries, plenty of time to play with it on the plane.  I downloaded the latest episode of Breaking Bad and the upgraded Amazon app.  Ali and I would be enjoying the new minimal look and reported snappiness in no time.

Got on plane, did the mandatory email check and now it is movie time.

Pretty much my exact thoughts:

Open iPad – oh great it even remembers Turkish Airlines’ wireless network.  Wait, wtf… why is it loading the RADIUS login page in the background behind the apps?  Every time I try to click to it I get disconnected.  Great.  Ok, killed wireless, closed everything.  Check Alison’s iPad – works no problem.  She reminds me of why I should be patient.  Nevermind that – No need to be on the net – I downloaded the episode overnight the night before the upgrades.  Open the Amazon app – WTF “CANNOT LOG IN TO VERIFY NEW TERMS OF SERVICE”.  Are you serious Amazon?  No way around this problem, I will have to figure out the problem with the wireless.  Focused on wireless, every time I would click ‘Internet’ to get to the captcha, I would end up with a Turkish error page (I don’t know the language but I am assuming red means bad).  Where in the world did Apple hide this new “feature”?  Let’s try clearing cookies and even throw in a reboot.  No Luck Still…  Ok, now this has become just as important as the plane landing.  I must solve.  The log in page is in a non-standard frame but let’s mess with Safari’s settings anyway – my thought is maybe we have a third party cookie issue or hatred of the ssl cert.  Still nothing.  Copy and paste the RADIUS log in server URI into Safari.  Nope.  Let’s set the IP to whatever IP Alison has – great box keeps popping up when I try to hit the new info icon.  Let’s forget it (naturally, not connecting to the internet but wifi network).  This step should keep it from trying to connect and keep the authorization screen from being displayed instead of the setting.  OMG that worked.  I can see the IP settings.  Oh look, there is an option called “Auto-Login” and  we can shut it off.  Nailed it.  Amazon TOS, no need to read, next, next, next.  Miracle – I am the smartest man alive.  Oh wait, that was ridiculously simple.

How to connect to Turkish Airlines with iOS 7:

1. Make sure you ‘Forget the Network’.  Click the I in the circle next to the Turkish Airlines network.

2. Move toggle on ‘Auto-Login’ from ‘Yes’ to ‘No’.

3. Connect and go to Safari and bring up any page.

Breaking Bad was outstanding.

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