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PHPStorm was not cloning a new git repo correctly.  Every time I would go through the open from version control process, the window would just disappear.  I figured that the glitch was probably due to having recently installed a good chunk of Mac updates (Mavericks OS X 10.9 / Xcode / normal 25 Java Updates) and also an upgraded PHPStorm.  I was lazy and just opened SourceTree to do my work for a few days.  Eventually in an attempt to troubleshoot (mostly because I was tired of pressing “command-R” to scan all my files for changes), I dropped to the command line to skip the PHPStorm GUI and clone the repo.  To my surprise, I received the following:

Agreeing to the Xcode/iOS license requires admin privileges, please re-run as root via sudo.

Which I don’t want to do on my clone command because then my permissions will be incorrect on my clone (yes, I know it is only like 40 characters to fix it).  Most likely I could have run ‘sudo git’ or ‘sudo git –version’ and agreed to the license but in my fit of rage I decided to go straight to the source by opening Xcode.  After what always seemed like eternity, it gave me the license and I was good to clone.  Naturally, I couldn’t close Xcode again without being prompted to install more stuff.

I need to check why PHPStorm is using that version of git – I thought it had its own.  (If anyone knows, please comment – I will probably not actually check.)

SourceTree kept working like a champ because it was using an embedded version instead of the system version.

While I am complaining – anyone else bothered by “Mavericks” versus “Maverick” and why isn’t it a cat (I guess we are doing places now)?  I was hoping for OS X Peterbald or OS X Scottish Fold.

First world software problems, I guess.

Other steps I should have followed:
Choosing a PHP Editor (


  1. Markus -

    Did you fix it? My Problem was solved once I startet XCode and accepted the terms of service. Try this if you found this Post via google like I did 😉

    • Thomas -

      Yep, that is exactly what I had to do – start XCode and accept the terms of service. It annoyed me because without testing on the command line, I could not see what was happening in PhpStorm.

  2. Chris Harrison -

    Don’t forget to restart PHPStorm once you have agreed to the terms.


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