In interest of full disclosure for anyone else dealing with the same situation – Below is an example from one of the bloody nose instances.  The pictures may be disturbing.














  1. mark white -

    my sissy has nasal cancer also, but we stopped the bleeding with a product called Yunnan baiyo, you can find it on the internet. we give her a eigth of a teaspoon twice a day and the bleeding has stopped for now, we are coming up on her third month since we found out. shes doing fairly well, just the breathing and sleeping, but shes still fighting like a trooper, but the bleeding has stopped. they used it in the military to stop wounds. it really works. I will keep your precious baby in my thoughts and prayers. may God Bless you all,

    • Karen Kershner -

      We just learned that our dog, Molly, a golden, most likely has cancer as her nose started bleeding/draining last night and hasn’t stopped. I saw that you used the herbal supplement and was just wondering if your sweet pup have side effects from it? Thanks and hope she’s doing ok.

  2. Thomas -

    Thank you for your suggestion.

    When my wife came home with it from the Vet, I was teasing her about it being a herbal supplement and not a drug given by prescription but she got the last laugh for sure. You would not believe how many people swear by Yunnan Baiyao. We have heard so many positive stories.

    Unfortunately, we still had nose bleeds (hopefully this will not discourage anyone – I have no clinic evidence either way and we kept Nunya on it just in case).

    Out of curiosity, how much does Sissy weight and how did you arrive at the dosage? I think Nunya was on one capsule a day at .25g each.

    I wish you the best of luck with Sissy.

  3. mark white -

    sissy weighs approx. 12 pounds, we were using the same capsules but she had a hard time taking that big pill, so we just started getting the powder and mixing it with either water, or childrens liquid allergy med. which she was already taking, I called the doctor that prescribed the Yunnan baiyo and they said a eighth of a tsp was about the equivalent to a capsule. I have tried to back off on the baiyo, but when I do the bleeding started back, so I went back to the usual dose and it has stopped again, I think if you find the right dosage it will help. and we are giving it to her twice a day. if you get it in powder form it is a little cheaper, we got six small bottles for around thirty bucks, we also has her on piroxicam, and another immune booster off the internet called life gold for dogs, and a appetite booster. it seems to be going ok with her for now, I hope and pray you can find some relief. please keep me posted.

    mark white


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