Last week I was in NYC on a business trip – These were things I would have tweeted if I actually did tweet.

Sandy Sucks

The rest of us cannot forget that it was a huge storm and it is freezing cold.  While the rest of the country didn’t get the memo (thanks CNN) that the clean up was still going on, I heard a lot of angry screaming on the news.  I think by the time I left, almost every major electric provider had a class action lawsuit against them in the works.

Some Really nice people

I am on a keto diet which is a little bit of a hassle.  I was really impressed with how the group just adapted to my odd needs and would help me find something wherever we went.


SCARY AS [email protected]#$K in the Affinia Manhattan.  Please have the door open after the buggy comes to a complete stop.

Also on Elevators

Every elevator has button lights out – can we not replace them with longer lasting led bulbs?  Or do they have a bulb replacement union that don’t want anyone cutting in on their business (serious question)?

Anyone super busy or lazy in the city, I strongly suggest for food.  From my hotel, I think I had about 200 options that would deliver within 30-60 minutes.  Food was good and hot.

United Airlines, LGA Airport

I really want to like United (I know they broke a guitar but who hasn’t) but why can they not get their planes to take off within two hours of the ticket time?  I had major delays going and coming.   Why do you not have food available for purchase during food time?   The whole experience would have been a fail if it was not  for a small miracle.  Luckily, I got the most amazing check-in lady, who not only bumped me up to another flight but personally escorted me to the plane through security.   And to top it all off – I even got my luggage back too and had a row to myself.

This week I will be hanging the z-wave Christmas lights!

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